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 "The Race to Ahmedabad" 

Following ten months of COVID related restrictions, 45% of people in England have suffered with worsened mental health, whilst 25% of people have felt more isolated and anxious as the pandemic has continued.


With this in mind, Hoddesdon Cricket Club members set out to raise £1112 for Forever Ahead Community and complete an extraordinary "Test Ground Marathon" challenge - totalling more than 1112 miles - the equivalent distance from Hoddesdon Cricket Club to the Emirates Riverside in Durham, via the other eight Test match grounds and back again.

The challenge got underway on Monday, January 11 at 4.22pm and had an anticipated completion date of 28th February, however on Tuesday 19th January (just 8 days later) they crossed the finishing line - and what started out as a small group of 20 members taking part, finished with a 77 person strong team, growing each day into a virtual community group, ranging from early teens to over 70s, who had all been inspired by the idea and wanting to be a part of the challenge!

With more evidence building almost daily that the coronavirus pandemic is causing untold suffering, leading to an unprecedented mental health crisis, the Hoddesdon Cricket Club Community Challenge was born!

The new challenge was set with an ambition to get as many people involved, not just to complete the new goal - but to promote inclusivity, get people out into the fresh air (within the government guidelines) and feel a part of the Hoddesdon CC extended community.  


So with the numbers swelling day by day, Hoddesdon CC have embarked on a virtual journey from their home ground "Lowfield" in Hoddesdon, Herts to Ahmedabad in India - in the hope to reach Ahmedabad in time for the final Test Match of the upcoming England V India cricket series. 


The distance is 4249.4 miles - and here’s how you can help:


Download the "app" Strava and create a free account and then join the Hoddesdon CC club page


The rules are that you can walk, run or cycle and any distance you record on the "app" counts towards the target!

You must upload the activity AS A RUN on Strava however, so that it syncs to our page and you should name your the activity accordingly - ‘Community Challenge - run/walk/cycle - ie. ‘Community Challenge Run’ or ‘community challenge Cycle’.

What’s already been an incredible team effort, can now become much more than that - see "LIVE" progress of Hoddesdon CC audacious Community Challenge by clicking the link below!

Share this page and the Strava link with friends and family and encourage them to get out and about and to join us in our challenge - who knows the impact this can have!

Should anyone wish to donate and support the challenge, the cause and of course Forever Ahead Community, please donate here: 


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