Making A Difference

Forever Ahead Community offers counselling and recovery support services to adults 18+ years old, within West Essex & East Herts. 

We do ask for a donation for counselling (suggested donation £10), but this is not mandatory and we ask you to put a value on the service and support you are receiving.   

We will provide counselling in 12 week blocks, where you and your counsellor will review your progress and decide together whether another 12 week block of counselling is appropriate, or if you are ready to work towards an ending session.  On average, our clients usually remain in counselling for around 9-12 months, however we don't set a limit on your time with us - we are guided by you - our client, your counsellor and our clinical supervisor. 

Currently, our Recovery Community Groups are delivered online via Zoom and offer peer support, led by a facilitator.  Groups include a Women's Group and a Well-being check in Group so that support is on hand as soon as you've entered our service. 


We  believe in an integrated approach and encourage joined up working with GPs, hospitals, community mental health teams, other charities and statutory funded agencies to ensure that the quality of a client’s care is maintained and that they have the highest possible chance of long term recovery.  


What We Offer

  • We work to support individuals, families and carers affected by a variety of mental health and well-being issues

  • We support our clients to make positive lasting change by easy to access counselling and address the issues which have affected their well-being

  • We want to help build communities which support people to realise their own self-worth and become active and contributing members of their communities


Key Working for clients is available if you need additional, practical support in certain aspects of your life.  Accessing counselling before you are ready can cause more harm than good, so we will work with you, in whatever capacity we need to - and at times with other charities, organisations and agencies beforehand, to ensure that you are in the right place at the right time for the right support.  When you are ready to start counselling, you will do so in a safe environment and in a safe manner.


As part of your support and treatment programme to make sure you are getting the most out of your counselling support, you will have weekly counselling, with a 12-weekly review session built in with your counsellor to monitor progress, identify goals, discuss areas for development or work towards a mutually agreed ending.  Sessions in general will always include harm minimisation, goal setting, problem solving and recovery planning.  


We ask that you put a value on the service you are receiving and suggest a donation of £10 for counselling (this is not mandatory) to ensure that the quality of our services can be maintained.


All of our counsellors receive clinical supervision in line with BACP guidelines.


We will run a range of structured groups with the aim of educating and enabling you as well as providing a mutual peer support network to help you resolve issues.  Group facilitators will have specific training to deliver specific groups, targeting issues that affect our mental health such as: bereavement, trauma, abuse, anxiety, self-esteem, addictions (and we know there are many) debt management, housing and social integration.  (If more specific groups become identified, we would create groups to cater for those needs as well as bring in experts from within the Community to deliver services.)


Structured Groups will include:


-     Trauma Group

-     Self Esteem Group

-     Stress, Anxiety & Anger Management


Your recovery journey starts from the moment you refer yourself to us - therefore, recovery support will be available for you in conjunction with your treatment.  Together with your counsellor or key worker, you can pick and choose which support groups you wish to access.  These recovery support groups offer further peer support and will provide a range of recovery focused activities, such as:

-     Women's Group

-     Weekly Well-being Check-in Group  

Recovery Support Groups are limited to Women's Group and Wellbeing Check in Group and are currently ONLINE ONLY at present, due to the ongoing COVID pandemic.